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  1. The Scots are not the only ones to hold such festivals.
  2. (Crown, $ 25 . ) Two Scots, fleeing the
  3. But the slim and frail-seeming Scot did not stop.
  4. Tough, talented big men in Raef LaFrentz and Scot Pollard.
  5. Most Scots want home rule but shy away from complete independence.
  6. It's difficult to find scots in a sentence.
  7. {Kansas : } Jerod Haase, Paul Pierce, Scot Pollard
  8. My father was a kind of middle-class Italian Scot.
  9. William Scot Murray brought affecting simplicity to the boy soprano solo.
  10. I love everything about the Scots, as well I should.
  11. So far, the industry has gotten off nearly scot free.
  12. Is he mentally ready to win ? the Scot was asked.
  13. But Scots argue the relationship became one of colonizer and colony.
  14. The naughty Scots comedian Billy Connolly is a fine John Brown.
  15. Sentimental ties to the queen have almost vanished among ordinary Scots,
  16. Ms . Pidgeon is, in fact, a transplanted Scot.
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