scots accent in a sentence

  1. Cooper says that her bizarre dialogue is an attempt at a phonetic transcription of the Highland Scots accent.
  2. I love listening to people talk, and I particularly like combination accents _ a Jewish Scots accent, for example.
  3. Incidentally, the sibiliant and rolled ` r's in " fornicatress " come over rather well with a Scots accent.
  4. Nash argues with figures of Hitler, Churchill and FDR _ Hitler has a Scots accent _ that " Nobody wins in war ."
  5. He was an occasional actor, which led one critic to comment that it was the first time he had heard Falstaff portrayed with a Scots accent.
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  7. Jimmy Langley describe him as " a tall dark-haired captain in the Seaforth Highlanders in his early twenties, who spoke French with a noticeable Scots accent ".
  8. Charles, despite being a native Scot, had no compunction in displaying Scots accents out of the mouths of the enemy in the dialogue here, perhaps for humorous reasons as well as accuracy.
  9. You go to the right part of Ireland, and the difference between their regional accent and a Scots accent is pretty fine because of the geographical closeness and the residue of the movement of Scots Protestants into the north.
  10. The accent isn't as strong as the scots accent, ( except for people who come down from the Welsh valleys ! ), it's not too expensive, the people are friendly and there are plenty of jobs!
  11. Described as " an equable, humourless person " who spoke in a'plain and fearless fashion'with a pronounced Scots accent, Senator de Largie advocated the White Australia Policy, old age pensions for white people, protectionism and a state bank.
  12. :: Ah-but-oor beasties are'Wee coo'erin an'timorous', aka mice as described by the Bard-Rabbie Burns, whereas your beastie in the present scenario is enormous-given the size of his kilt-but is blessed with a'guid scots accent '.
  13. If you are serious about sounding like someone from Britain, the first thing to do is stop asking people how to speak with a " British " accent, and instead ask them how to speak with an " English " accent ( or a Scots accent, or a Welsh accent, if you prefer ).
  14. Pinkerton is also portrayed in an episode of " The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams ", by Don Galloway ( 1937-2009 ), and in " Frank and Jesse " by William Atherton, but in these cases, as in the others, he seems to be portrayed with an American accent, although he was Scottish by birth, and may still have retained his Scots accent.

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