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  1. The remaining units were refurbished and repainted into First ScotRail livery.
  2. ScotRail do not run trains on Sundays to and from Newcastle.
  3. Both of these areas were featured in an advert for ScotRail.
  4. The ScotRail sector of British Rail was privatised in March 1997.
  5. The station is served primarily by Abellio ScotRail trains between and.
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  7. Responsibility for the ScotRail franchise was passed to the Scottish Government.
  8. About one in four Scotrail services face disruption because of the action.
  9. Scotrail, http : / / www . scotrail . co . uk
  10. Scotrail, http : / / www . scotrail . co . uk
  11. Three Class 90s were repainted in First ScotRail livery with EWS logos.
  12. All rail services from Ardrossan are operated by Abellio ScotRail.
  13. This approach was largely brought about by a new director, ScotRail.
  14. It and Abellio ScotRail operate the largest fleet of Class 158 units.
  15. ScotRail also provides some Monday to Saturday services to Edinburgh.
  16. The current holder of the Scottish franchise is Abellio ScotRail.
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