scope art fair in a sentence

  1. As a part of Art Basel Miami 2008 FriendsWithYou was the main featured artist at the Scope Art Fair.
  2. In addition, her work has been screened in gallery settings including Artists Television Access in San Francisco and the SCOPE Art Fair held at Lincoln Center and in Basel, Switzerland.
  3. The organization participated in Art Basel Miami 2012 with its " Heroes in Distress " Exhibit at the Overture / Scope art fair and at NAC Gallery's LMNT art fair, showcasing art by Andalucian photorealistic graffiti artist Belin and artist Army of One.
  4. He has shown his work at several art fairs including the Miami International Art Fair, Scope Art Fair, Arthamptons, Art Southamptons, Aspen Fine Art Fair, Palm Beach Art Fair, San Francisco Fine Art Fair, Art Palm Springs, and the Houston Fine Art Fair.
  5. "' Perpetual Art Machine "'( "'PAM "') was founded in New York City in January 2006 by artists Chris Borkowski, Aaron M . Miller, Raphaele Shirley and Lee Wells in collaboration with Alexis Hubshman, president of the Scope art fair.
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  7. The winning videos were shown on jumbo monitors in Times Square, NY on Dec 17th, 2009 . The jury was chaired by actor / artist Isabella Rossellini and included Howard Halle, art critic at Time Out NY, Cedar Lewisohn, curator at the Tate Britain and Lee Wells from PAM and Scope Art Fair.
  8. As a painter Haussman's solo art show'Naturales', featuring large-scale matador and bull paintings, in ink on paper, premiered at the Desoto Gallery in Los Angeles, and was later featured at the New York Scope Art Fair, and a Group Showing in Los Angeles .'Naturales'also opened in Rome.
  9. Some of these organizations include but are not limited to : Ultra Music Festival, Sweat Records, MoMA s WPS1 Art Radio, The Electric Pickle, CMJ, Friends With You, Poplife / Grand Central, Nightdrive, FREEGUMS, Museum of Contemporary Art ( MOCA ), IamYourVillain, Miami Art Museum, The Fillmore, The Vagabond, OHWOW, The Overthrow, Roofless Records, SCOPE Art Fair, WSVA Radio ( NYC ), and Bardot.
  10. Among other exhibits, Del Pinto's work has also appeared at the En Masse, Miami's Scope Art Fair ( 2011 ); BIG BANG, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts ( Montreal, 2011 ); Lancement du Magazine D閏over # 12 ( Montreal, 2011 ); Art Basel Miami at the D閖a vu Decor Gallery ( 2012 ); Salon Masse, Galerie Pang閑 ( Montreal, 2012 ); and God Save the Queen, Foufounes Electriques ( Montreal, 2012 ).

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