scope and range in a sentence

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  1. This potentially reduces the scope and range of accommodations that can be made.
  2. The scope and range are difficult to overestimate, even in this post-Cold War era.
  3. The scope and range of these arrangements can be heard on the many recordings available of Naval Academy choruses, primarily produced by Richardson Recordings.
  4. The scope and range of legal work undertaken has expanded to meet the full range of activities undertaken by the government in commercial, economic and social areas.
  5. "We're working with the news division to show the people of America the scope and range of the president's job, " she said.
  6. It's difficult to find scope and range in a sentence.
  7. Although Hasbro had a set of Cadet ceremonial outfits, they did not match the scope and range of the British versions, which also included a horse of the mastiff dog ).
  8. The scope and range of the Abbey collections makes it unique amongst Australian museums, spanning 500, 000 years of human history across numerous cultures and civilisations ranging from Palaeolithic stone tools to Renaissance paintings.
  9. He referred to the book as " fascinating " and " extraordinary ", commenting on its " erudition, scope and range " and declaring that the Sirdar wrote " the most excellently idiomatic English ".
  10. The " pull " factors such as reputation, scope and range of services, cost, expertise and ancillary facilities and services would have to be strengthened to make it a success, Chua said.
  11. :: : : : The next sentence gives examples of the kinds of things covered by the preceding one; it gives a sense of the scope and range of what is meant by the description, " most newsworthy events ".
  12. As for FA, some of the season 1 articles have the potential to get there, if only because writing about an episode provides a well-manageable scope and range of sources as compared to the whole TV or novel series.

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