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  1. Statues of Hygieia were created by Scopas, Bryaxis and Telesphorus.
  2. She was represented at Elis by Scopas riding on a Thebes.
  3. Scopas was taken by surprise, and unable to offer any resistance.
  4. Scopas, 85, is still living in Queens.
  5. Scopas and a number of his relatives were killed.
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  7. The celebrated architect Scopas may have been the designer.
  8. Though forced to resign, Scopas was acquitted.
  9. Back in 1956, word got around that Scopas was in the baby-selling business.
  10. Scopas, now 85 and living in New York City, continues to maintain his innocence.
  11. Auxentius was in the hermitage atop Mount Scopas, in Bithynia, not far from Chalcedon.
  12. Scopas steps forward, volunteering to drive a team with Pegasus in Sagitta's place.
  13. Her husband, Nick Scopas, said the cause was Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a rare brain disorder.
  14. She said she learned this in a letter from Scopas left in her possession after her adoptive parents died.
  15. Balch also suspects the lawyer her parents used " had a direct connection to the Scopas case ."
  16. During the excavation of the rubble of Scopas'dining hall, Simonides was called upon to identify each guest killed.
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