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  1. Scoparia pyralella-real lifeThe wingspan is 17 20 mm.
  2. It is, however, susceptible to the vine diseases " Eutypella scoparia " and excoriose.
  3. It is found in the Chinese herb " Artemisia scoparia " and has been studied for its potential pharmacological properties including immunosuppression and vasorelaxation.
  4. One example is the Mojave fringe-toed lizard ( " Uma scoparia " ), which is specialized in its ability to " swim " under sand.
  5. The fruits are dry, woody, oval to cone-shaped, almost spherical, slightly fleshy, long and have a scaly covering . " E . scoparia " flower detail
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  7. Plants of this species growing on Mount Useful were collected by Victorian Government botanist Ferdinand von Mueller and originally identified as " Monotoca scoparia " var . " submutica " in 1868.
  8. Jessen had come into contact with the glacial vegetation development of Ireland and that of the Eemian interglacial, with the presence in Ireland of such plants as Rhododendron ponticum, Abies alba, Erica scoparia and Buxus sempervirens.
  9. The species was first formally described by James Drummond in " The Journal of Botany " in 1840 and given the name " Comesperma scoparia ", which was later amended to the current name.
  10. A study of " Kochia scoparia " in northern Montana by two high school students showed that when " Kochia " precedes spring wheat ( " Triticum aestivum " ), it reduces the spring wheat's growth.
  11. ""'Jacksonia scoparia " "', commonly known as "'dogwood "'( from its strong odour when burning ), is a native species of a pea-flowered, greyish, leafless, broom-like shrub or small tree that occurs in the south east of Queensland, Australia and eastern New South Wales.

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