scop database in a sentence

  1. The beta-grasp domain has some initiation factor 3 as identified by the SCOP database.
  2. ;classes were originally recognized by Levitt and Chothia ( 1976 ), and several others have been added in the SCOP database.
  3. When comparing protein structures, as in the SCOP database, core is the region common to most of the structures that share a common fold or that are in the same superfamily.
  4. The beta-grasp domain has some structural similarities to the beta-grasp motif present in immunoglobulin-binding domains, ubiquitin, 2Fe-2 S ferredoxin and translation initiation factor 3 as identified by the SCOP database.
  5. The HH-suite comes with a number of useful databases of profile HMMs that can be searched using HHblits and HHsearch, among them a clustered version of the SCOP database of structural protein domains, and many more.
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