scoots over in a sentence

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  1. Scoot over, Bobby Bonilla, Ramon Martinez and Todd Hollandsworth.
  2. Scoot over, hoss, I'm feeling a little faint myself.
  3. It's broken into digital packets that scoot over telephone wires across the world.
  4. Scoot over, Tony La Russa.
  5. "Because Offy's cheating up the middle, I can scoot over into the hole a little bit more.
  6. It's difficult to find scoots over in a sentence.
  7. Requests that, while you're in town, can you please scoot over and give us something on the Cardinals?
  8. In Boston, Shields lives across from the Public Garden, scoots over to Chinatown for a snack, wanders around Harvard Square.
  9. Pro soccer and the National Hockey League will be happy to scoot over and make some room in the category of niche-market sports.
  10. When her other son, Mark, makes an occasional appearance, Phyllis Grunow scoots over to make room for him, then rubs his back.
  11. Sue : If you need something more substantial, scoot over to Hoover's Online _ A Business Network ( www . hoovers . com ).
  12. "If the spot is too narrow and a car is too close, you have to scoot over, " says Murray, 35, from Chandler.
  13. Scoot over to Liszt's Usenet Newsgroups Directory at www . liszt . com / news / or Deja . com at www . deja . com / usenet.
  14. When we practiced that act of chivalry, he opened the door for me, then said, " Mom, scoot over so I can get in ."
  15. If cameras pierce through the moon's deep haze, as the craft scoots over its south pole, " then it means Titan is ours, " Porco said.
  16. Matthew Rudy, 23, puts his daughter down for her afternoon nap, scoots over to his desktop computer, and a few keystrokes later he's in church.
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