scooting in a sentence

"scooting" in Chinese  
  1. One could see ferries scooting like waterbugs all around the islands.
  2. Hart points out that by now the chicken was really scooting.
  3. But Lewis came right back, scooting down the right sideline.
  4. He lives a charmed life scooting around on his mobile pillow.
  5. I was scooting down the lane, giving it up.
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  7. I just kept scooting back and forth, and rowing.
  8. Together they coil around the totem in a scooting frenzy.
  9. Within minutes she was scooting up and down the block.
  10. The reason is scooting ahead, looking under rotting leaves.
  11. Mora saw Feely scooting down the street and confronted him.
  12. Only the birds, most happily the scooting sandpipers, advertise their existence.
  13. I saw it on a towel rack, then scooting on the floor.
  14. It includes television advertisements featuring penguins in single file scooting along the ice.
  15. Their knack for scooting and squeezing is more prized.
  16. I'll stick to scooting through the trees.
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