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  1. The city's entire public school enrollment is 73 percent black or Hispanic.
  2. Whites make up less than 5 percent of Hartford's public school enrollment.
  3. School enrollment in Gjinaj has gone from 150 to 200 almost overnight.
  4. By then, the high school enrollment had grown to approximately 400 students.
  5. The ranking is based on income, life expectancy, literacy and school enrollment.
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  7. The school enrollment also increased and parents placed confidence in the school.
  8. They enjoy comparable levels of school enrollment ratios than their male counterparts.
  9. The vast majority of white public school enrollment is in surrounding suburbs.
  10. The total school enrollment in Newark city was 75, 000 in 2003.
  11. By 1926 school enrollment increased from an initial 103 students to 642.
  12. Rural Pennsylvania school enrollment is projected to decrease 8 percent by 2011.
  13. Primary school enrollment is about 46 percent, still lower for girls.
  14. Total public school enrollment in 2009 was 1, 787, 351 pupils.
  15. And so far, the drop in school enrollment has meant improved student-teacher ratios.
  16. In 1960 Bridgeport High School had a total school enrollment of only 385.
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