school endowment in a sentence

  1. Its public funding is supplemented by private donations raised through the San Marino Schools Endowment Foundation.
  2. They asked what happened to money from bingo nights, school endowment funds and bequests to the church.
  3. In 2001, the AEE expanded its mandate nationwide and created The American Public School Endowments to handle this enlarged mission.
  4. In May 1911, the Commonwealth Government acquired the Brisbane Grammar School endowment, and renamed the site the Kelvin Grove Defence Reserve.
  5. Mitchell said in response to charges by parishioners at St . Robert's that money had disappeared from a school endowment fund there.
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  7. The general size of the barracks site also demonstrates the site's early history as the Brisbane Grammar School endowment, from 1879 to 1911.
  8. In 2011, a group of alumni created the Polytechnic School Endowment, with the goal to gather additional resources from alumni and companies-a pioneer in Brazilian universities.
  9. In his will, however, Greif left the proceeds from the auction of his large farm, house and equipment to the high school endowment _ easily $ 1 million.
  10. Under Christ-Janer's presidency, the schools endowment was raised to the highest level in its history, the campus was renovated and school began offering four year degrees.
  11. It wouldn't be like Robinson to move his family _ to distance himself from his school endowment and his community involvement _ when he knows he can still win games here.
  12. In 1967, the college acquired the Nayook site, its first and only rural campus, with the intention to use the area for a plantation, as part of a School Endowment Pine Plantations program.
  13. Better financial aid packages, made possible by the stock market boom's effect on school endowments, also lure students who otherwise couldn't afford Ivy League tuition, which is about $ 35, 000 per year.
  14. In 1996, the high school reconstruction was begun and the school is now equipped with new laboratories, classrooms, and ethernet connections, supported mainly by bond issues and rigorous fund-raising by the San Marino Schools Endowment.
  15. John E . Trainer, Jr . served as the sixth Bolles President / Headmaster from 2002 until 2012 and oversaw growth of the Bartram campus, creation of an elementary school in Ponte Vedra Beach, and boosting the schools endowment.
  16. Forty years later and with the university facing tough financial times, the school's stance has turned into a dispute over the $ 6 million art school endowment and has drawn New York's former governor, Mario Cuomo, into the fight.
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