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  1. School Effectiveness and School Improvement 2011, 22 ( 4 ), 461 482.
  2. School Effectiveness and School Improvement 2010, 21 ( 2 ), 117 144.
  3. Thomas and Collier wrote in " School Effectiveness for Language Minority Students ."
  4. Br Publishing Corporation published his doctoral thesis, " School Effectiveness Through Leadership Style & Organizational Health " in 2003.
  5. Topics of interest are School Climate, School Effectiveness, Leadership, Inter-personal relationships, Classroom Management, Classroom Communication, Classroom teaching strategies, Parenting etc.
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  7. The mission of the association is to facilitate school effectiveness and to inspire student learning in the international schools of Africa by promoting communication, collaboration, and professional development.
  8. He did research on " Leadership, Organizational Health with School Effectiveness " in Stella Matituna College of Education, Chennai and obtained a Doctorate from the University of Madras in 2000.
  9. He first joined the Department for Education and Skills ( DfES, later renamed the DCSF ) in 1997 where he worked with Professor Sir Michael Barber in the School Effectiveness Unit.
  10. Fullan outlined the complex job faced by school principals in " What s Worth Fighting For in the Principalship ? " ( 1997 ), and outlined strategies to improved school effectiveness.
  11. Gaudet said he hopes his formula for measuring school effectiveness will shine a light on unexpectedly high-performing systems like Woburn and others that educators have not normally turned to when seeking out what works.
  12. As school effectiveness researcher Doug Reeves discovered, " The association between writing and performance in other academic disciplines [ is ] striking, and gets to the heart of the curriculum choices teachers must make ."
  13. At MIT, Pathak co-founded and serves as Director of the School Effectiveness & Inequality Initiative, a group of economists who study the economics of education and the connections between human capital and the American income distribution.
  14. "' David H . Autor "'( born 1967 ) is an American economist and professor of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT ), where he also acts as co-director of the School Effectiveness and Inequality Initiative.
  15. FAcSS or Anthony Kelly, better known as Tony Kelly, is an Irish academic who is currently Professor of Education ( and former Head of Department ) at the University of Southampton, England, specialising in education / schooling theory as it relates to school improvement, school effectiveness and school leadership, and system-wide policy.
  16. He has written a dozen books, including one released simultaneous with the 2016 elections on the best ways to solve future social problems, a 2015 volume on how public policy is changed by savvy donors, and a 2014 look at charter school effectiveness ( with a spinoff in the " Wall Street Journal " ).
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