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  1. Betsy ( Kiss of Death ) McCaughey Ross looked at pre-school education.
  2. Quattlebaum, with a high school education, tinkered with the idea for years.
  3. Many are headed by workers with a high school education or better.
  4. It struck me then how valuable my high school education had been.
  5. Nine percent of American workers have less than a high school education.
  6. It's difficult to find school education in a sentence.
  7. _72 percent of those with a high school education or less
  8. _Increase primary school education to at least 90 percent by 2010.
  9. It offers high school education from first year to fourth year.
  10. He completed his elementary and high school education in Zaje ar.
  11. She concluded her formal public school education in the eighth grade.
  12. High school and vocational school education is offered on five sites.
  13. Students from the school have topped the secondary school education board.
  14. Of these, 300, 000 have less than a high school education.
  15. Most basic science literacy comes from primary and secondary school education.
  16. He enrolled at Lumumba High School for his high school education.
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