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  1. It is known in the School Edition as " The Cart Crash ".
  2. School editions and multiuser licenses are available for the educational community.
  3. The play made Shaqtin'A Fool : Old School edition.
  4. By the way, I did quite well answering questions _ on the grade school edition.
  5. A school edition is available for teachers.
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  7. In mid-2009, Theory in a Box School Edition was introduced as a site-license program for schools and universities.
  8. The first newspaper at the Law Center was " The Hoya, Law School Edition " ( 1933 36 ).
  9. There are also auditions for national cast productions, usually to premiere the school edition of two well-known Broadway shows.
  10. Manatee Players of Bradenton opens its 51st season with " Les Miserables-- School Edition " featuring children-- Jay Handelman
  11. In 1700 he published a school edition of " Ph鎑rus " and the " Maxims of Publius Syrus ".
  12. A school edition is also available with a teacher's activity guide containing tips for using the encyclopedia in the classroom.
  13. The school edition of " Thoroughly Modern Millie " was premiered at the International Thespian Festival on June 26, 2007.
  14. In 1885 she prepared a school edition of " Lars ", with notes and a sketch of its author's life.
  15. The mayor himself is featured in a Q & A in the back-to-school edition of the Abercrombie & Fitch quarterly.
  16. Florida Leader was distributed at nearly every college and university in the state and also published a separate high school edition.
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