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  1. Burrows was a high school dropout who worked odd jobs intermittently.
  2. Over 80 percent of Job Corps enrollees are high school dropouts.
  3. The clearest losers are unskilled workers, particularly high school dropouts.
  4. We still have over a 50 percent high school dropout rate.
  5. Why no high school dropouts in this bunch of college graduates?
  6. It's difficult to find school dropouts in a sentence.
  7. _Job skills for disadvantaged youth and high-school dropouts.
  8. She is not a teenager or a high-school dropout.
  9. Mind you, here I am, a high school dropout,
  10. Most are high-school dropouts pregnant with their first child.
  11. Some members have multiple doctorates; others are high school dropouts.
  12. She was pregnant and a high school dropout by age 16.
  13. Banharn was a high-school dropout when he entered politics.
  14. He was described by police only as a medical school dropout.
  15. One was a high school dropout who worked as a handyman.
  16. A by-product is a decrease in school dropout rates.
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