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  1. Some are high school dropouts, others are Ph . D . s.
  2. Who uses an Encyclopedia to find a list of high school dropouts?
  3. College graduates report half the potential exposure that high school dropouts do.
  4. Does the modern American economy need a lot of high school dropouts?
  5. There is no official figure on the number of Iraqi school dropouts.
  6. It's difficult to find school dropout in a sentence.
  7. School dropout rates and domestic violence would climb, family income would plunge.
  8. The high school dropout rate in Newark is more than 50 percent.
  9. High school dropouts have suffered the worst rending of their safety nets.
  10. My brother and his wife are crack addicts and high school dropouts.
  11. Meyer was a high school dropout who joined the Marines at 17.
  12. Now, we anticipate there will be additional three million elementary school dropouts.
  13. He was described by police only as a medical school dropout.
  14. A high school dropout, it was the best he could find.
  15. Why no high school dropouts in this bunch of college graduates?
  16. High school dropout who works two or three fast food jobs he hates.
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