school drop - outs in a sentence

"school drop - outs" in Chinese  
  1. About 27 percent of Americans are high school drop-outs.
  2. School drop-out rates and grade repetition rates are high.
  3. The school drop-out rate nearly is zero in Laul.
  4. Eight of the top ten women are high school drop-outs.
  5. The school drop-out rate is zero in Punsari.
  6. It's difficult to find school drop - outs in a sentence.
  7. She was a school drop-out who worked as a house maid.
  8. The school drop-out rate is near zero.
  9. The school drop-out rate is very disappointing.
  10. Q . The demonstration program targets youth who are high school drop-outs.
  11. No one is for having more high school drop-outs or child abuse.
  12. Originally from Paris, Ontario, Walker was a high school drop-out.
  13. They are interrupted by Ronnie, a high school drop-out and bully.
  14. She was a high school drop-out, unemployed, on Supplemental Security Income.
  15. Almost all truckers enter the profession as school drop-outs in their late teens.
  16. -- $ 472 million from a job training program targeted for school drop-outs.
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