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  1. Referee Kurt Roethlisberg from Switzerland, however, saw it differently.
  2. He played two seasons with the Knicks but saw limited action.
  3. She said she now saw more demand for removals than insertions.
  4. I just very early on saw what is going to happen.
  5. Everybody saw the dedication he had for the game of baseball.
  6. It's difficult to find saw in a sentence.
  7. Clinton asked, describing what he saw as the current system.
  8. My parents saw it in Russia, and they were fascinated,
  9. The tires came back but we never saw the men again.
  10. I actually saw the real diaries, " she said.
  11. Then I saw them at the hotel and they were bigger.
  12. "Can't we saw it off ?"
  13. She said she saw no need for him to step aside.
  14. He even saw a man shot in front of the building.
  15. Scovell never saw his father so much as touch a beer.
  16. I saw that it drew a healthy distance from the city,
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