saw bit in a sentence

"saw bit" in Chinese  
  1. It resonated with many who saw bits of their own families in the characters.
  2. It has the consistency of gravy, and I saw bits of corn floating around in it.
  3. A passenger, who broke his arm but managed to escape the wreckage without help, reportedly " saw bits of bodies on the floor ".
  4. The birds joined in the alarm call and the bushes burst into life as I saw bits and pieces of the fleeing monkeys flashing by.
  5. Gray spent the next three seasons primarily with the Tucson Toros, the Rangers'AAA affiliate, but saw bits of playing time with the major league Rangers.
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  7. Installation requires a few rudimentary tools, such as a socket wrench set, screwdriver and a drill with a hole saw bit to modify the refrigerator.
  8. Ordinary people who saw bits and pieces of events on the morning when Mulligan was shot five times while he slept in his car parked outside an all-night drug store.
  9. We saw bits and pieces of the island, as we caught the bus for hotel after hotel, and obsessed that we'd miscalculated : Our four-night, five-day trip amounted to three days, when you arrive in late afternoon the first day and leave by noon the last.

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