saw binnya in a sentence

  1. Saw Binnya did not send any help to Takayutpi.
  2. Saw Binnya conducted his own trade and foreign relations.
  3. Saw Binnya's confidence was not completely unfounded.
  4. Takayutpi's brother-in-law Saw Binnya practically ruled Pegu ( Bago ).
  5. Takayutpi died in early 1539 in exile, and Saw Binnya at once proclaimed himself king.
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  7. His brother-in-law Saw Binnya ruled the province of Martaban ( Mottama ) like a sovereign.
  8. At the same time, Saw Binnya offered a large bribe to Caeiro to help him and his family escape.
  9. In the following years, Saw Binnya was content to look on as Toungoo forces raided deeper and deeper into Lower Burma.
  10. Saw Binnya then asked for safe-conduct out of the city for himself and his entire family, together with his treasures.
  11. He had brought with him two valuable bracelets, which he said were awarded to him by Saw Binnya in recognition of his faithful service.
  12. Caeiro is said to have seriously considered defecting to the side of Saw Binnya, the ruler of Martaban, who had offered him an enormous bribe.
  13. When Toungoo finally took Pegu in late 1538, Takayutpi so distrusted Saw Binnya that he chose to retreat to Prome Kingdom, another state, rather than to Martaban.
  14. At Martaban, the only remaining independent Hanthawaddy province, its ruler Saw Binnya had completely fortified his wealthy port, and enlisted Portuguese mercenaries and warships in his service.
  15. Takayutpi did not retreat to Martaban, which nominally was Hanthawaddy territory because he did not trust the governor there, Saw Binnya, also his brother-in-law.
  16. In desperation, Saw Binnya appealed to the Portuguese viceroy at Goa for assistance, offering to become a vassal of Goa, in addition to an outright gift of half the amount of his treasure.
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