saw beyond in a sentence

"saw beyond" in Chinese  
  1. Kipling saw beyond the retreat of kings and the subsidence of tumult.
  2. Allen's players, however, saw beyond victories and losses.
  3. They never saw beyond the glitter of dollar signs.
  4. But Hwang, it now appears, saw beyond his country's slogans.
  5. It's surprising, in fact, what reviews saw beyond the moment.
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  7. But Robert Parkinson saw beyond the debris.
  8. Lucille, whose family stretches four generations in Norborne, never saw beyond that humble environment.
  9. But Laurita saw beyond the devastation; he fell in love with the site and had to have it.
  10. And it was Ray Gabler who saw beyond the deserted farmhouse and land, and envisioned what they could become.
  11. They looked into the gates of life and saw beyond charming visions, and hopes springing up for all ".
  12. All other coaches presumably saw beyond his mocha skin and expressed delight in what he could do with an orange sphere.
  13. "From the very beginning, I saw beyond the scenario the song speaks of, " she says.
  14. Thanks to the many honest contributors above who saw beyond my flowery language and came to appreciate the spirit of the message.
  15. However, Purbasari saw beyond Lutung Kasarung's appearance, and recognized his good heart, loyalty, and devotion to her.
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