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  1. A saw bench outside the mill was also driven by belts & pulleys.
  2. However it performed well as a stationary engine, particularly working the saw bench.
  3. Applications include mowers, generators, outboard motors, pump sets, saw benches and auxiliary power plants.
  4. There were separator point, power-saw bench, forge workshop and repair workshop of agricultural machinery.
  5. Standish places the boy on a saw bench and threatens to cut him unless the girl marries her.
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  7. When initially erected, the Kin Kin mill comprised only the number one saw bench and a docking saw.
  8. By the end of 1921 a boiler, steam winch and saw bench with steam engine, buildings and explosives magazine were constructed.
  9. Inside, there are a twin-element instrument panel, steering column-mounted gearshift and bench seats ( when was the last time you saw bench seats front and rear?
  10. A three-person mill, comprising a single circular saw bench ( number one bench ) and a docking saw, could produce up to 500 cases per day.
  11. It is a Victorian melodrama, complete with a climax where a little child is placed on a moving saw bench and is considered a lost film.
  12. There is a school and a kindergarten, some shops, a library, a club, a post office, an administrative building, a power-saw bench, and a logging enterprise in the village.
  13. At the Great Dorset Steam Fair, for example, portable engines may be found in the relevant demonstration areas driving saw benches, threshing machines, rock crushers and other contemporary equipment.
  14. A line of large round logs perpendicular to the mill floor is along the southwest side of the shed forming a log ramp feeding logs to the breakdown saw bench.
  15. The report stated that the main building comprised a three-room office, two storerooms, five cement kilns, two plaster ovens, a lime mill, a rending store, a circular saw bench, an iron store, a cement store and two engine room complete with boilers.
  16. The layout and all of the components typically found in a small mill of the 1950s remain including : the characteristic open-sided shed, early electrical insulators tracing the route of the original cabling, breakdown ( Canadian ) saw, number one and two saw benches, docking saw, original hand operated winch, rails and trolleys.
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