saw after in a sentence

"saw after" in Chinese  
  1. A doctor he saw after the incident gave him aspirin.
  2. What I saw after I was rescued was hell.
  3. I was very pleased with what I saw after the first five hitters.
  4. What you saw after that were only the aftereffects.
  5. David also left behind a journal, which I saw after his death.
  6. It's difficult to find saw after in a sentence.
  7. I saw after the flat he was exhausted.
  8. Every movie you saw after it had an alien and it looked like our alien.
  9. Yesterday, you saw after Shannon Sharpe caught the touchdown, the game was over.
  10. There are probably more; this was the first I saw after sorting by name.
  11. What we saw after that is not the Eric we had seen prior to the injury.
  12. Hagen asked Mayfield who he saw after the ceasefire was declared and the ATF walked out.
  13. He was disappointed with what he saw after visiting Verizon Wireless and Cingular retail stores recently.
  14. I needed to tell them about the side of my dad I saw after he was treated.
  15. He had two children by his second wife, one of whom he never saw after infancy.
  16. "I saw after 50 meters I couldn't get away from him,"
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