saw action in a sentence

"saw action" in Chinese  
  1. He returned May 1 and saw action in just seven games.
  2. He saw action in France, landing during the Normandy invasion.
  3. Hutson saw action Sunday when Erik Williams sprained his left knee.
  4. Two freshmen saw action in their first career games on Sunday.
  5. He saw action in nine games as a reserve last season.
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  7. New Army divisions first saw action at Loos in September 1915.
  8. They first saw action 6 June 1944, during Operation Overlord.
  9. He saw action in the Indo-Pakistani wars of 1971.
  10. He saw action in the fighting against the Ait Hammou guerrillas.
  11. Wood also saw action at Kurai ( 25 October 1859 ).
  12. In addition, he saw action in the pacification of Olancho.
  13. The regiment first saw action during the War of Austrian Succession.
  14. However, the surrender of Japan meant it never saw action.
  15. Bedel saw action at the Siege of Fort St . Jean.
  16. In 1842, the regiment saw action at Chinkiang in July.
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