saw about in a sentence

"saw about" in Chinese  
  1. He saw about 20 bodies in the room where he lay.
  2. That old saw about preaching to the choir springs to mind.
  3. I looked down and saw about 30 smelts in the package.
  4. But reporters on the scene only saw about 10, 000.
  5. I saw about three movies last year and maybe two plays.
  6. It's difficult to find saw about in a sentence.
  7. I saw about six people badly injured, hit by stones.
  8. This phase was largely peaceful and saw about 55 % turnout.
  9. He saw about a dozen plays in the Oakland Raiders'rout.
  10. I think they believed everything they read and saw about this team.
  11. Gregory said, who saw about six students standing near the man.
  12. Our pitching did the job and what can you saw about Sheff.
  13. They saw about 10 children a week with various disabilities.
  14. The women saw about 15 to 20 animals a day.
  15. He also saw about three police cars, he said.
  16. Peacekeepers saw about a dozen corpses lying in the streets.
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