saw a wolf in a sentence

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  1. But wolves frighten him, Martin said, adding that he recently saw a wolf track bigger than his hand.
  2. Quanah rode to a mesa, where he saw a wolf come toward him, howl and trot away to the northeast.
  3. As he crossed the forest of Voas ( near to his palace in Corbeny ), he saw a wolf and attempted to capture it.
  4. "In 20 years of watching wolves, I never saw a wolf hit another wolf with a rolled-up newspaper, " he remarked.
  5. "So if you saw a Wolf Blitzer package today at 7 a . m ., you won't see that Wolf Blitzer piece this afternoon between noon and six,"
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  7. "Two weeks ago I saw a wolf sneak up behind a bear as it was retreating from the wolf den, and bite it right on the butt, " says Smith.
  8. They visit Ava but due to the hospital visits, they can only speak with Gabriel, who explains that she thought she saw a wolf and she has a mental illness from six months ago.
  9. They also have alligators in some of the island ponds, red foxes in the dunes at the west end, indigo buntings on the Oak Island Golf Course, and earlier this month, Wilson said, someone saw a wolf.

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