satin doll in a sentence

"satin doll" in Chinese  
  1. Inconveniently, Satin Doll is a recent gift from Sawyer to his girlfriend.
  2. The unhappy Satin Dolls management is escorting them out of the building.
  3. A cornet player gets up to join in on " Satin Doll ."
  4. There is little doubt that the location that has benefited most is Satin Dolls.
  5. And Satin Dolls'15 minutes of fame could extend indefinitely.
  6. It's difficult to find satin doll in a sentence.
  7. Ellington used " Satin Doll " as the closing number at most of his concerts.
  8. "Satin Doll " and " In the Mood ."
  9. "Satin Doll, " with Kevin Mahogany scatting, is delightful.
  10. Victory will win Cheney all of Sawyer's prized equines, including Don's love interest Satin Doll.
  11. "Satin Doll " filled the room, and members of the audience smiled in sweet recognition.
  12. Moving from " Satin Doll " to " Caravan,"
  13. Peterson performed a handful of crowd-pleasing pieces, including " Satin Doll " and a blues composition.
  14. "Satin Doll " and " Moon River ."
  15. The band played " Satin Doll ."
  16. Inside the black-light aura of Satin Dolls, three dancers in skin-tight lingerie strut across the bar stage.
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