sarkies brothers in a sentence

  1. In 1946 the Sarkies brothers returned to manage the hotel and changed the name to the Lucas Martin Sarkies Hotel.
  2. Almost immediately after the first lease expired, the Sarkies Brothers leased the property with the intention of turning it into a high-end hotel.
  3. Soon afterward, the Sarkies Brothers leased a neighboring building at No . 3 Beach Road, renovated it, and in 1894, the Palm Court Wing was completed.
  4. It was founded in 1891 by the Armenian Sarkies Brothers, who were also the founders of the Raffles Hotel in Singapore and the Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang.
  5. Before making " Out of the Blue ", the Sarkies brothers collaborated on the script for a proposed fantasy film called " The Magnificent Magic Fingers ".
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  7. The funeral procession from home to the family graveyard made up of people on foot and on rickshaws was reported to have been over a mile long and included several hundred Europeans catered to by Messrs Sarkies Brothers.
  8. The "'Eastern & Oriental Hotel "'( popularly known as " E & O Hotel " ) is a colonial-style hotel in Penang, Malaysia that was established in 1885 by the Sarkies Brothers.
  9. The Sarkies brothers ( Martin, Arshak, Aviet and Tigran ) founded the Raffles Hotel and several other hotels in Southeast Asia, including Eastern Oriental Hotel in Penang Malaysia and Strand Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar ( previously known as Rangon Burma)
  10. There is a historic colonial-style hotel in here, The Kartika Wijaya, which was founded in 1891 by the Sarkies Brothers, prominent Armenian immigrants best known for founding a chain of luxury hotels throughout Southeast Asia, especially Dutch East Indies.

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