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  1. Sarkic was quoted as saying by the Belgrade daily Glas Javnosti.
  2. Nebojsa Sarkic, an adviser at the ministry, reiterated Monday.
  3. Sarkic said the procedure for his handover could take several days.
  4. Sarkic was quoted by the Tanjug news agency as saying.
  5. The procedure for his handover could take several days, Sarkic explained.
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  7. Sarkic said, adding that if Milutinovic refuses police would have to arrest him.
  8. Sarkic was quoted as saying in Saturday's edition of Belgrade daily Glas Javnosti.
  9. Sarkic was quoted as saying by Tanjug.
  10. Nebojsa Sarkic, Yugoslavia's assistant justice minister, told the Tanjug news agency.
  11. Sarkic had said at the time.
  12. Several suspects had already contacted the ministry to ask about the terms of the offer, Sarkic told the paper.
  13. The suspect will be allowed to appeal the case to the Supreme Court in Serbia or in Montenegro, Sarkic said.
  14. Nebojsa Sarkic, an official of the justice ministry in Belgrade, said without elaborating on how Serbian police were transferring Cesic.
  15. Belgrade's district court would first demand government consent to act upon an existing warrant to arrest and extradite Milutinovic, Sarkic said.
  16. This isn't the notion of body as opposed to thought; rather the sarkic level is said to be the lowest level of thought.
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