saris in a sentence

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  1. A decision by US District Court Judge Patti Saris is pending.
  2. Throw out some saris, and watch the Indian clients cringe.
  3. Love Indian sari fabric and other sheer cloth with ethnic touches?
  4. As usual, she was impeccably dressed in an understated sari.
  5. Like the bride, many of the women wore colorful saris.
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  7. He changed her Japanese name Naoko Namoto to Ratna Sari Dewi.
  8. Sari's public relations manager, Satria Wira, said.
  9. Ben-Eliyahu said in a personal congratulations message to Sari.
  10. They carried cosmetics, CDs, Indian saris and cashew nuts.
  11. The open-air Sari Club was turned into an inferno.
  12. Researchers suggest the sari filters may also reduce other gastrointestinal illness.
  13. The new saris were unveiled at the Taj property in Mumbai.
  14. The next station south from Nishi-Lchi is Sari Station.
  15. Candi Sari most probably was the monastery mentioned in Kalasan inscription.
  16. She insists that Nina undress and places the sari on her.
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