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  1. His cremation took over thirty hours and his sarira numbered over a hundred.
  2. The linga sarira can be separated or projected a limited distance from the body.
  3. A sarira stair is found behind the pagoda.
  4. The sarira box is shaped like a house, and has an engraved roof.
  5. A sarira is a container for the relics or remains of famous priests or royalty.
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  7. It is said that this sarira contained the remains of eight priests or a queen.
  8. The Sthula Sarira or gross physical body is mostly space at its atomic level, as all matter is known to be.
  9. According to his followers, they transformed into crystal-like relics ( Pali : Sarira-Dhatu ) in various hues.
  10. "Karana sarira " or the causal body is the cause or seed of the subtle body and the gross body.
  11. The Sarira pagoda contains the relics of the monk Jialing, who was abbot of the temple for a few years in the 1720s.
  12. "Karana sarira " or the causal body is merely the cause or seed of the subtle body and the gross body.
  13. In samkhya, which does not acknowledge a causal body, it is also known as the " linga-sarira ".
  14. Kim said he got his idea from Buddhist sarira, small beads of bone recovered after cremations of Buddhist monks and kept in stone pagodas.
  15. It is the beginningless limitation of the " atman ", it has no beginning like the " Sthula sarira ".
  16. "Sthula sarira " or the gross body is the material physical mortal body that eats, breathes and moves ( acts ).
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