sariputta in a sentence

  1. It is noteworthy that the two chief disciples of the Buddha, Sariputta and Ngrjuna.
  2. He is said to have taught Sariputta and Moggallna, before their conversion to Buddhism.
  3. Sariputta was Kalabu's army chief and he bandaged the Bodhisattva's wounds.
  4. This book brings to life for the modern reader such outstanding figures as Sariputta and Moggallana.
  5. After the Buddha had finished speaking, Sariputta recited the Sangiti Sutta to the assembled monks.
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  7. He mourns the deaths of both Sariputta, with whom he enjoyed a close friendship, and the Buddha.
  8. "' Shridhir sariputta Hansa " Hans " Wijayasuriya "'is a Sri Lankan engineer and corporate executive.
  9. Some of the relics of Sariputta and Moggallana were sent back to Sri Lanka, where they were publicly displayed in 1947.
  10. Sariputta comprehended, gaining sotapanna, the first stage of arahanthood after hearing the teachings, which implied the Four Noble Truths.
  11. Villages such as Sari-chak, near Nalanda, had previously had an association with the Buddha's chief disciple Sariputta.
  12. There is a tradition that the Cariya Pitaka and the Buddhavamsa were preached by the Buddha to Sariputta during his first stay in Nigrodhrma.
  13. The following quote links Dudjom Tersar with the Three Roots, deity yoga, Padmasambhava, Sariputta, Saraha, Gautama Buddha and Yeshe Tsogyal:
  14. Of the Buddha's disciples, Sariputta, Maudgalyayana, Mahakasyapa, Ananda and Anuruddha are believed to have been the five closest to him.
  15. In the " Heart Sutra ", Guanyin describes to the arhat Sariputta the nature of reality and the essence of the Buddhist teachings.
  16. Sariputta and Mahacunda exhort Channa not to kill himself but he decides to do so anyway, asserting that he has led a  blameless life.
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