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  1. In most cases, Sariputra was born in a higher species of animals.
  2. In total, there were thirty reincarnations where Mahamoggallana and Sariputra had lived together.
  3. In one instance, Mahamoggallana was the moon god and Sariputra a wise ascetic Narada.
  4. In the " Romaka ", Sariputra is a wise ascetic who instructs a partridge.
  5. There are other various depictions of previous reincarnations which exhibit the bond between Sariputra and Gautama Buddha.
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  7. In the 525th Jataka, Sariputra is the son and Mahamoggallana the general of the royal Bodhisattva.
  8. In several previous existences, Sariputra is a human being while the future Gautama Buddha is an animal.
  9. Sariputra safely guided his herd back to the hills, while his foolish brother Devadatta loses his whole herd.
  10. Sariputra and Mahamoggalana were respectively born as snake and rat, snake and jackal, and man and jackal.
  11. In the " Kurungamiga Jataka " ( 206 ), Sariputra is a woodpecker while Mahamoggallana is a tortoise.
  12. However, others claim it was taught by either the Buddha or Sariputra, and it was only Katyayaniputra who popularized it.
  13. There is a big statue of Buddha ( ) and a statue of Sariputra which is made up of coated with golden color.
  14. Mahamoggallana's stone box enclosed another steatite casket, similar to that of Sariputra but slightly smaller and with a softer surface.
  15. However in another life, when Sariputra and Mahamoggallana lived on earth, they were stingy businessmen who buried substantial sums of money.
  16. There are various accounts of reincarnations in the Jataka depicting Sariputra counteracting the evil behaviour of Devadatta, in particular towards the future Buddha.
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