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  1. Muscular dystrophy is distinct from atrophy because it affects the Sarcolemma.
  2. Pressed against the inside of the sarcolemma are the unusual flattened myonuclei.
  3. Satellite cells are described as quiescent myoblasts and neighbor muscle fiber sarcolemma.
  4. This initiates an impulse that travels across the sarcolemma.
  5. Also, the breakdown of the sarcolemma causes additional calcium to enter the cytosol.
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  7. The cell membrane is called the sarcolemma with the cytoplasm known as the sarcoplasm.
  8. CD97 is expressed at the sarcoplasmic reticulum and the peripheral sarcolemma in skeletal muscle.
  9. The sarcolemma ( membrane ) from adjacent cells bind together at the intercalated discs.
  10. The DPC localizes to the sarcolemma and its disruption is associated with various forms of muscular dystrophy.
  11. The purpose is to reduce the mechanical force on the sarcolemma as a result of muscle contraction.
  12. In normal muscle cells, utrophin is located at the differentiation, utrophin is found at the sarcolemma.
  13. The sarcolemma generally maintains the same function in muscle cells as the plasma membrane does in other eukaryote cells.
  14. Another group of cells, the myosatellite cells are found between the basement membrane and the sarcolemma of muscle fibers.
  15. In myocytes, sarcomeres adhere to the sarcolemma via costameres, which align at Z-discs in striated muscle cells.
  16. Dystrophin links actin in the cytoskeleton and dystroglycans of the muscle cell plasma membrane, known as the sarcolemma ( extracellular ).
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