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  1. Their confluence forms the Santa Margarita River.
  2. The valley is drained by Pechanga Creek and its tributaries, itself a tributary of the Santa Margarita River.
  3. Runoff from the southeast side of the range drains into Murrieta Creek, a tributary of the Santa Margarita River.
  4. Contemporary beaver populations survive at the headwaters of the Santa Margarita River at the confluence of Temecula Creek and Murrieta Creek.
  5. The San Luis Rey empties into the Pacific north of Oceanside, about south of the Santa Margarita River and ~ north of San Diego.
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  7. Tucalota Creek below the reservoir flows to Santa Gertrudis Creek, then Murrieta Creek, then to the Santa Margarita River and ultimately to the Pacific Ocean.
  8. "' Murrieta Creek "', runs southeasterly through southwestern Temecula, where it has its confluence with Temecula Creek and forms the head of the Santa Margarita River.
  9. The southeast end of the range is marked by the Santa Margarita River, which also originates east of the Santa Anas and flows southwest to the Pacific.
  10. Roughly half of the current vireo population occurs on drainages within Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego County, particularly in the lower Santa Margarita River.
  11. As a result, the flow of water in the Santa Margarita River is very close to what it would be in the absence of those two dams.
  12. It is part of the Plains of Leon, contiguous with the Perris Plain, that drains into the Temecula Basin by means of tributaries of the Santa Margarita River.
  13. In 1948, the owners of the Vail Ranch built a dam on Temecula Creek, the Vail Lake Dam, approximate ly above the confluence with the Santa Margarita River.
  14. Danny Hofshi, who works at the local fire department, said that making matters worse, the dry bed of the Santa Margarita River acted like a wind tunnel, accelerating the gusts.
  15. The "'Santa Margarita River "'which with the addition of what is now Temecula Creek, was formerly known as the "'Temecula River "', is a short intermittent river on the San Diego.
  16. Unlike the Parris Plain, which lies within the watershed of the Warm Springs Creek, French Vally Creek and Tucalota Creek, tributaries of Murrieta Creek and its parent the Santa Margarita River.
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