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  1. The main ones are Monsenhor Tiago, or Matriz, Santa Luzia and Honorato Borges.
  2. Its summit is lower to that of Santa Luzia's but higher than Raso.
  3. The cornerstone for the parish church, dedicated to Santa Luzia, was laid in 1941.
  4. Santa Luzia is 12.3 km long and 5.3 km wide.
  5. The Liberals became known as " luzias " because of the Santa Luzia battle.
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  7. "' Santa Luzia "'is a Brazilian municipality located in the state of Minas Gerais.
  8. Santa Luzia became an abandoned settlement in the 1850s.
  9. Its shares gave rise to existing neighborhoods Orangery, Santa Luzia and Boa Vista Jardim Catarina.
  10. The island and beaches can also be reached from the nearby footbridge in Santa Luzia.
  11. The festivities are in honor of Nossa Senhora do Ros醨io and S鉶 Benedito and Santa Luzia.
  12. There are some vestiges of the Alans in Portugal, namely in Church of " Santa Luzia ".
  13. "' S鉶 Vicente "'( Santa Luzia, with the Canal de S鉶 Vicente separating it from Santo Ant鉶.
  14. All but Santa Luzia are inhabited.
  15. During the Ice Age, Santa Luzia along with Raso formed after sea levels rose in the Late Ice Age.
  16. The rebels come out winners in Caxias reunited forces and attacked Santa Luzia, ending the insurgency in the province.
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