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  1. Others don't see biotechnology's future as sanguinely.
  2. "No, " he said, sanguinely.
  3. On the occasion, Morrison sanguinely noted that the conversion of China may well require many such martyrs.
  4. Barker sanguinely acknowledged there had " been a few gremlins " in his team's systems.
  5. In recent interviews, Hodges has commented sanguinely on his experiences working on " Omen II ".
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  7. With industrial regulation out of fashion, even the largest mergers are greeted sanguinely by the stock market _ and Washington.
  8. Republicans sanguinely compare him to Ronald Reagan, but at least President Reagan had the gift of reassurance before the camera.
  9. Rove sanguinely refers to the deeply jittery economy as " recovering, " making it sound like a movie star at a Malibu rehab center.
  10. The bear, with an amiable expression on his face, sanguinely props up a tall pole with four pegs, each stout enough for a couple of jackets.
  11. Thankfully, it was a real quick hand, with both sides sanguinely reporting that the most important color in this fight is green, not black and white.
  12. Speaking sanguinely in Jerusalem Monday, he addressed a rising concern that a unilateral troop withdrawal could produce violent chaos in the border region or even provoke a war.
  13. Perec then sanguinely reminded journalists that back in France, the country for whom she runs, she is as big as Michael Johnson, America's celebrated 200-and 400-meter golden child.
  14. The rakish stylization and the succulent color were easy to enjoy, and the payoff was sanguinely erotic in a way that endorsed my personal wishes to be bold and tender and noble, overcoming the wimp that I was.
  15. But even that drastic a solution does not guarantee it would stay paved after the U . S . government, as it sanguinely expects, " loses institutional control " over the repository and its horrific contents some hundreds or thousands of years hence.
  16. "What I'm sensing is that we're learning to accept some stuff about aging with a shared, sardonic smile, " he says, rather sanguinely, given how determined boomers have been to control their environment and turn back the clock.
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