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  1. But his grandfather, Malik Sahib Khan, had played an important role in suppressing the 1857 Revolt in Jhelum under the command of Col . Cooper.
  2. "' Village sahib khan jamali "'is a historical and well known village of Shaheed Benazir Abad District, Pakistan with a population of about 1000 people.
  3. He married his first cousin Bima Husen Bakte, ( died 1916 ), and 2ndly married Shah Begum Saheba, daughter of Sardar Sahib Khan Muhammed Khan of Amritsar, and had issue.
  4. However, the alliance of Raja Sahib Khan ( Janjua overlord ) and Malik Bir Khan Gakhar, saw a period of peace between the two tribes ( both being visionary princes, and with a legendary friendship of treating each other as half brothers ).
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