sahib ibn abbad in a sentence

  1. Shortly after, on October / November of the same year, Sahib ibn Abbad, the " vizier " of Adud al-Dawla's younger brother Mu'ayyad al-Dawla, arrived from Ray to negotiate a transfer of power in the city in favor of his master.
  2. The Bkyid vizier Sahib ibn Abbad'is commonly quoted to illustrate the alleged lackluster reception the book met in the Orient': he is alleged to have said' this is our merchandise brought back to us .  I thought this book contained some information about their country [ Andalusia ].
  3. Sahib ibn Abbad, is known to have said the following thing about this event : " he [ Adud al-Dawla ] has done what no kings of the Arabs nor any Chosroes [ kings ] of the Persians could  he has Syria and the two Iraqs, and he is close to the Despot of Byzantium and the Maghribi by his continuous correspondence ."
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