sahib i giray in a sentence

  1. The mosque was built in 1532 by Sahib I Giray and bore his name in the 17th century.
  2. Bakhchysarai, first mentioned 1502, was established as the new khan's residence by the Crimean Khan Sahib I Giray in 1532.
  3. In 1521 he took Kazan, where he put his brother, Sahib I Giray ( future Khan of Crimea, too ) in power.
  4. Hac1 I Giray-Hayder-Me駆i I Giray-Mehmed I Giray-Sahib I Giray-Devlet I Giray-Mehmed IV Giray-Islam III Giray-Adil Giray-Selim I Giray-Devlet II Giray-^ ahin Giray
  5. Just two years after completion in 1531, in 1533 the new stone-walled kremlin found itself under attack from Khan Sahib I Giray, which was beaten off by Nazar Glebov . Further attacks by Crimean Tartars took place 1544, in 1570, 1573 and 1591.
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