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  1. In 2007 Masoud launched his first Arabic television show " Al-Tareeq Al-Sahh " which was a pioneering and hugely successful series across the Middle East.
  2. Masoud founded the'al-Tareeq al-Sahh'( The Enlightened Path ) Institute in 2007 which later merged into Acamedia Global in 2011, as a non-profit foundation established for the purpose of advancing knowledge through the various communication media available today.
  3. Masoud's previous songs have included the extremely popular " Tetgawezeeni ", performed by Hani Adel, " Al-Tareeq Al-Sahh ", performed by Mahmoud El Esseily as well as publicly composing and performing his own personal rendition of " Qad Kafani ", a famous poem written by Imam al Haddad.
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