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  1. Life will be normal now, " said Sahera Khatoon, a housewife.
  2. Sahera, a factory worker, said at a rally in downtown Dhaka organized by women's rights groups.
  3. "I saw my daughter falling on the ground and buried under the crowd, " said Sahera Begum, 50, one of the survivors.
  4. The body of Sahera Akhter's son, Latif, was found in a bamboo grove a few meters ( yards ) from the spot where the family's home once stood.
  5. He has been nominated as Best Music Video Director in 12th Annual Image Award for his beautiful work " Youwanma Ta Timro ", 15th Annual Image Award in the category Best Music Video for his work " Jane Belamaa ", Best Cameraman Sagar Pradhan for the work " Aago Sahera " music video which has been filmed at the beautiful locations of Abu Dhabi, UAE with limited numbers of crew.
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