sadistic in a sentence

"sadistic" meaning  "sadistic" in Chinese  
  1. Rated : R-- harsh language, nudity, sadistic violence
  2. Yet another ( Jeremy Sisto ) is troubled by sadistic impulses.
  3. Later, he even gave this role a slightly sadistic twist.
  4. Rated : R _ harsh language, sadistic violence, drug references
  5. Rated : R _ adult situations, harsh language, sadistic violence
  6. It's difficult to find sadistic in a sentence.
  7. Rated : R _ harsh language, sadistic violence, adult situations
  8. Rated : R _ sadistic violence, harsh language, adult situations
  9. Rated : R _ harsh language, adult situations, sadistic violence
  10. VIOLENCE : Lots of slapstick but not of the sadistic variety.
  11. This is about a group of cops who are sadistic racists.
  12. That this is sport and no one could be that sadistic.
  13. Schuster, $ 26 . ) A sadistic computer hacker, prepared
  14. She thought he was sadistic; he thought she was arrogant.
  15. Torre said, nodding at the sadistic speakers behind the outfield.
  16. It includes sadistic behavior, a flatulent chimp and regurgitated food.
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