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  1. I have all the info . about sadistic behavior but what about masochistic?
  2. He was capable of astonishing coldness toward his family, with moments of sadistic behavior.
  3. It includes sadistic behavior, a flatulent chimp and regurgitated food.
  4. At times, he demonstrates a slightly sadistic behavior toward E . V . O . s.
  5. Marc Dutroux, who had a long criminal record and exhibited sadistic behavior, is definitely the exception.
  6. It's difficult to find sadistic behavior in a sentence.
  7. I see boys who are addicted to sex sites on the Internet that show sadistic behavior toward women.
  8. Elizabeth suspects that Professor Delacroix ( Lloyd Bochner ) is responsible, considering his eccentric and mildly sadistic behavior.
  9. While Portsmouth had periods in which he appeared sane, he often engaged in a variety of bizarre and sadistic behavior.
  10. A report by the independent commission described her presence in the classroom as an " ongoing reign of terror and sadistic behavior ."
  11. A servant tells Sister Mary about the sadistic behavior of Jason Carns and produces a love letter to him, clearly written by Isabel.
  12. :: : : I'd agree with that and add that sadistic behavior ( in real life, not bedroom games ) also comes with an element of schadenfreude.
  13. Similarly, Lauren Bufferd at BookPage . com warned readers that the novel is " extremely graphic, with multiple descriptions of physical injury, brutality and sadistic behavior ."
  14. They are cold and calculating con artists relatively free of the trappings of emotional dependence but with a high incidence of antisocial and criminal traits and sadistic behavior, the researchers found.
  15. Bill Ward's signed a new contract with the British soap opera in early 2005 because the producers planned " to build Charlie's sadistic behavior towards Shelley ( Sally Lindsay ) " throughout the year.
  16. In a 2002 article about Wernher's potential culpability in Nazi slave labor at Mittelwerk and several other locations, Neufeld dismissed most claims that von Braun carried out direct sadistic behavior as spurious, easily disproved by tracking his known locations during the war.
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