sadisms in a sentence

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  1. He toys with tantalizing pauses in a way that approaches sadism.
  2. Now the Roger Clemens trade has added sadism to their masochism.
  3. Lucas'big battles are crisply staged and sadism-free.
  4. He used language changing in tone from admiration to romantic sadism.
  5. The theme of pain and sadism is central to the work.
  6. It's difficult to find sadisms in a sentence.
  7. There is renewed interest in studying sadism as a personality trait.
  8. Cygnus Wing's manga personality exhibits a mixture of sadism.
  9. Kagaho shows loneliness, sadism and rage in battle and determination.
  10. I don't see why sadism would be any different.
  11. Individual white administrators were also free to indulge their own sadism.
  12. For Wertham, comics caused sadism, masochism and masturbation.
  13. It's the peculiar mix of sadism and empathy.
  14. The Orkin ad is but one case of empathic sadism.
  15. Then we have this bizarre tendancy toward self-sadism.
  16. The complement to his sadism is, of course, our masochism.
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