sadism and masochism in a sentence

  1. You may think that sadism and masochism are equals.
  2. However, the term BDSM also includes, B & D ( sadism and masochism ).
  3. Others have reviewed her work as seemingly sexual and reminiscent of sadism and masochism, which Grossman denies.
  4. S / M ( sadism and masochism ) means an individual who takes pleasure in the humiliation or pain of others.
  5. Eisler begins with an investigation into sadism and masochism which concludes that people seek not pleasure so much as strong sensations.
  6. It's difficult to find sadism and masochism in a sentence.
  7. _A young housewife in the December issue of Amour is raped by a man who introduces her to sadism and masochism.
  8. Members of one leather-clad group stopped periodically along the route for demonstrations of sadism and masochism, whipping one another.
  9. Their observations on sadism and masochism were dependent on psychiatric patients, and their models were built on the assumption of psychopathology.
  10. The upfront sexuality is wielded like the sadism and masochism implements that become an integral part of the couple's sex play.
  11. As regards points 2 to 5 above, psychology views sadism and masochism as interchangeable, with voyeurism and exhibitionism as their respective aspects.
  12. Rather, sadism and masochism may be practiced through choice and deliberation, driven by certain aesthetic goals tied to style, pleasure, and identity.
  13. BDSM activists argue that it is illogical to attribute human behavioural phenomena as complex as sadism and masochism to the'inventions'of two historic individuals.
  14. He was a writer, an actor, and also created a traveling museum exhibit called " Visiting Hours " that showed the intersectionality of Cystic Fibrosis and sadism and masochism.
  15. Mr . Okonogi, who defines sadism and masochism as " two sides of the same coin, " and who enjoys watching as well as participating, refuses to let Mayumi retire.
  16. I now realise how you WP is actually made only of top-quality encyclopaedic articles, like List of postal codes, List of Prison Break characters or Sadism and masochism in fiction.
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