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  1. He was therefore known as the " Sadin of Mecca ".
  2. The TRL methodology was originated by Stan Sadin at NASA Headquarters in 1974.
  3. Individual hearings were necessary, Sadin said.
  4. The Sadin Institute of Law trains about 900 students a year through seminars, workshops and conferences.
  5. After a Sunday night show at a NYC club, Bor was approached by producer Robert Sadin.
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  7. Robert Sadin's saccharine arrangements of three black spirituals mainly pointed up the beauty of two unadorned counterparts.
  8. No, Sadin replied, because that list by definition had already made individual judgments about those included on it.
  9. In 1977, he founded the Samuel Sadin Institute on Law at the Brookdale Center on Aging of Hunter College.
  10. He writes on Cinema in the local Assamese weekly and daily newspapers like Sadin, Asomiya Pratidin and Asomiya Khabar.
  11. Sadin had the orchestra mimicking the original's staggered melody line, each time nearly tumbling into perfectly executed disarray.
  12. In Guwahati, Deka worked at Sadin-Pratidin group and he remained in this job till his death in 2010.
  13. The cause of death was a brain disorder similar to Alzheimer's disease, said his wife, Terry Cooper Sadin.
  14. Deka joined the Sadin-Pratidin group of newspapers in the late 1980s as a freelance writer on film, stage and theatre.
  15. In 1977, Stanley Sadin at NASA Headquarters asked Heer to evaluate machine intelligence and robotics technologies for future space missions and establish requirements.
  16. JAZZ AT BRYANT PARK, with the Marcus Roberts Trio, St . Luke's Orchestra and Leroi Jones; Robert Sadin, conductor.
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