saddling in a sentence

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  1. Once I get into the saddle, the rest is easy.
  2. So, is Tabasco Cat the best horse he ever saddled?
  3. And Mike Smith was in the saddle that time, too.
  4. In addition, the party is saddled with a substantial debt.
  5. He grew up around them and was comfortable in the saddle.
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  8. Buchanan's invitation to saddle up is a clarion call.
  9. "You're tired and taking the saddle off.
  10. Clinton seemed easier in the saddle than Dukakis in the tank.
  11. Boston also continues to be saddled with Reggie Lewis'salary.
  12. Check saddles ( low spots along a ridge ) for tracks.
  13. Frankel saddles Eagle Eyed in today's Eddie Read Handicap.
  14. For the moment, veteran Wade Wilson is in the saddle.
  15. Watch the saddle bronc riding, rodeo's classic event.
  16. My saddle shoes made me a better, more timid person.
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