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  1. Americans Gregory Saddler and Brian Lewis took second and third place.
  2. George Abbott served as director, with choreography by Donald Saddler.
  3. is a freelance mercenary hired to do Saddler's bidding.
  4. Saddler was nominated for the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Choreography.
  5. A second murder takes place, this time of Saddler Atkins.
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  7. wikt : Skinners, tanners and wikt : saddlers are recorded.
  8. The youngest of 12 children, Saddler grew up in Los Angeles.
  9. It took Saddler 93 fights to get a title shot.
  10. Saddler was 144-16-2 with 103 knockouts.
  11. Hart took a new saddle from the saddler's.
  12. Similarly, there is one saddler and another seven based outside town.
  13. The Saddlers Arms was still trading in 1949 but has since closed.
  14. Saddlefest is a community festival held in the large village of Saddlers.
  15. Dick was a master saddler and became a harness maker in London.
  16. There were three shoemakers, two tailors and two weaver and saddler.
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